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Royal Mail

  One of the services operated and maintained by the King.  The Mail can deliver any package, up to 5lbs in weight, anywhere in the kingdom within fifteen to thirty days at the most.
  While this seems like an extrordinarily long time it must be remembered that Velitrium is not densely populated, the road network in most places is poor at best and despite the best efforts of the army, militia, Avengers, Rangers and Watch, there are many places that are not safe. With this in mind it must also be added that the time period of fifteen to thirty days represents mailing a packet from the Wall that is bound for the Gates of Nygg. Most other journeys are considerably shorter.
  A packet from Rannoch to Velitrium City or Glenluce takes perhaps three days. Glenluce to the capitol usually two. Velitrium to Drunmore three days.
  The villages have mail pickup, by mounted courier, every week to ten days. This is taken to the next largest town where a Mail Coach will pass through every five to seven days. These coaches generally take the mail to the nearest major city where it is sorted and sent on to the town closest to the packet's final destination. From there a mounted courier takes it on to the village if that is required. Delivery is to the Postal Clerk in the village. He, or she, holds it until called for.
  In addition to mounted couriers and Coaches, the mail service maitains a number of pole boats to operate up and down the rivers as well as half a dozen small ships for crossing Lake Adrin. Because much of the delivery is by horseback packages larger than five pounds must be sent by private messenger.


Up to 1oz         $1.00
2oz to 4oz        $2.00
5oz to 8oz        $3.00
9oz to 15oz       $5.00
1lb to 2lb       $10.00
2lb1oz to 3lb    $15.00
3lb1oz to 4lb    $20.00
4lb1oz to 5lb    $25.00

Willfully interfering with the delivery of the Mail is considered an act of Treason

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