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Livestock & Transport


Donkey=  $500
Small Mule=  $1300
Large Mule=  $3000
Cob(pony)=  $1200
Palfrey(saddle horse)=  $2000
Charger=  $5000
Destrier=  $8500 Generally not available to buy.
Draft Horse=  $3500
See the section on Training for more details.

Ox=  $1500
Bull = $250
Cow=  $800
Calf, fem = $50
Calf, male = $20
Sheep=  $100
Goat=  $50
Pig=  $150
Piglet = $10
Chicken=  $3
Rooster = $1
Chicks = $ .50
Pigeon/Dove (eating)=  $ .25
Pigeon, homing = $10
Cat(kitten) = $2
Rabbit, female =  $3
Rabbit, male = $2
Falcon, chick = $100
Voi (mongoose) = $15
Dogs by Breed

Rhanos Hound: Widely used in hunting big game, as guard dogs and by the Army as security. Tall, with thick curly hair that is generally either tan or dark gray.
Pure Bred puppy: $400
Trained Guard/Attack Dog: $2,500

Durham Terrier:  Popular as small game hunters and as pets. Small, wiry haired in a variety of colors and mixes.
Pure Bred puppy: $50
Trained Small Game Hunter: $200

Grazer: a type of border collie that is popular as a herding animal and general watchdog on most farms.  Generally black and white in color with some golden brown highlights.
Pure Bred puppy: $15
Trained Herding Dog: $75

Clost Hound:  a pack hound, similar to a fox hound, it is a very good scent tracker. Brown and white or red and white, they have short hair and long legs.
Pure Bred puppy:  $10
Trained Hunting Dog: $50

Stahl Hound:a Husky like dog that is bred and used by the Jhensari.  They employ it as a hunting hound, attack dog, pack animal and sled dog.  Fierce and wolf like in appearance and tactics they are formidable opponents, they work best in a pack with other Stahl Hounds.  Some Stahls have found their way into Velitar hands but they are rare and expensive.
Pure Bred puppy: $500
Trained Guard/Attack Dog: $3,000
Trained Hunting Dog: $2,000
Trained Sled Dog: $1,500

Mixed Breeds & Mutts
All of the varieties have been crossed, intentionally and unintentionally at one time or another.....  The prices found in the Livestock section are for purebred puppies.  The further off they are from their principal breed, the less they are worth.
For example: A 3/4 Rhanos 1/4 Grazer is worth 3/4 of a Rhanos Hound.  It won�t be as big and strong as a purebred.

Common Mutt:  A small nondescript dog suitable as family pet/watchdog/companion
Puppy: $2
Housebroken Dog: $10


Barding (armor) for horses
Barding, cloth wt.30lbs PD1 DR1....$500

Barding,leather wt. 75lbs PD2 DR2 .............  $750

Barding,scale, wt.175lbsPD3 DR4...............  $1,500

Barding,chain, wt.175lbs PD3 DR4 (with cloth) .  $2,500
        Description                     PD           DR                Weight         Cost   
                                         (cut/cr/imp) (cut/cr/imp)        (lbs)                         
Light Mail barding, Butted    3/1/1         4/2/2                135             $2,975
Light Mail barding, Riveted   3/1/2        4/2/3                 135            $4,775
Light Mail barding, Welded   3/1/2        4/2/4                 135            $7,475
Augmented Mail barding, Butted 3/1/1   5/3/2                 150             $3,725
Augmented Mail barding, Riveted 3/1/2  5/3/3                 150             $5,975
Augmented Mail barding, Welded 3/1/2  5/3/4                 150             $8,225
Bar Mail barding, Butted              3/1/1   6/3/3                 195             $4,950
Bar Mail barding, Riveted             3/1/2   6/3/4                 195          $9,000
Bar Mail barding, Welded            3/1/2    6/3/5                 195        $13,075
Double Mail barding, Butted         4/2/2   6/3/3                   210          $5,450
Double Mail barding, Riveted        4/2/3   6/3/4                  210          $9,950
Double Mail barding, Welded        4/2/3   6/3/5                  210         $14,450
Triple Mail barding, Butted            4/2/2    6/4/4                 285            $6,700
Triple Mail barding, Riveted           4/2/3    6/4/5                 285          $12,325
Triple Mail barding, Welded           4/2/3    6/4/6                 285           $17,950
Lamellar Mail barding, Butted      4/2/2     6/4/4                 210           $7,925
Lamellar Mail barding, Riveted     4/2/3     6/4/5                 210          $14,675
Lamellar Mail barding, Welded     4/2/3     6/4/6                 210         $21,425

Barding, Half Plate Medium & cloth wt.380lbs PD4 DR6 ...............  $18,050
Must have mail, Light, Augmented, Double or Triple underneath

Barding, Half Plate Light & cloth wt.245lbs PD4 DR5 ...............  $14,330
Must have mail, Light, Augmented, Double or Triple underneath

Barding, Full Plate Medium & cloth wt.380lbs PD4 DR6 ............... $28,700  

Barding, Full Plate Heavy & cloth wt.480lbs PD4 DR7 ............... $37,000

Barding (armor) dogs
Collar, wide wt.1lb PD1 DR1................$3
Collar, spiked wt.2lbs PD2 DR2............$10
Leather body jacket wt.5lbs PD1 DR1....$50

Bit & Bridle for horse, mule, pony. wt.3lbs....$12
Halter, leading pack animal wt. 1lb....$3
Harness, carriage/wagon  wt. 8lbs.....$25/animal
Pack Frame, for mules, horses, pony  wt.8lbs....$30
Saddle bags, 2 bags 20lb cap. each wt.5lbs........$60
Saddle bags, 2 bags 40lb cap. each wt.9lbs........$100
Saddle blanket, wt. 3lbs.............$10
Saddle, stirrups.for horse, mule or pony, wt.15lbs..$125

Bird cage, sm, wicker (song bird) ...................   $2
Bird cage, med, wicker (dove) ...................   $5
Bird cage, lg, wicker (hawk) ...................   $10


Dory, carries up to 300lbs  wt 80lbs......$300
Dugout, carries up to 200lbs/5� of length wt. 75lb/5�..$25/5�
Paddle, for dugout, wt. 1.5lbs...$3
Row boat, carries up to 1000lbs slowly, wt.300lbs.$500
Oars, pair for row boat or dory wt.3lbs each...$10
Wagon, 1 horse carries 1 ton max, wt.300lbs......$400
Wagon, 2 horse carries 2 tons max, wt.500lbs.....$700
Wagon, 4 horse carries 4 tons max, wt.800lbs....$1000
Wagon, 4 Ox team carries 10 tons max,wt.1200lbs.$1500
Carriage, overland 4 horses, 6 passengers
          and 100lbs luggage each  wt. 1800lbs......$2000

         Overland Carriage

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