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Travel in Velitrium

There are several travel options available.

Walking:  By far the most common, especially for the common folk.  If you are on the roads it is pretty easy. Most of the major rivers have bridges or ferry service across. The minor rivers and streams either have bridges or fords.  Of course, there is the little matter of tolls on some of the bridges and ferryman charges for boat passage.
Across country is a different story.  If you are in the central regions of the valley, where most land is cultivated, travel is still pretty easy.  Most areas are open, the under brush has been cut back and there are numerous cart tracks and cow trails etc.  Crossing all but the shallow waterways can be tricky, though there are many �unmarked� fords that the locals know about and use regularly.

By Horse or Coach:  Since horses are expensive this method is used only by people with money or in service to the Crown.  In general the comments on walking apply here as well. Tolls are higher for horse and rider, but it is possible to cross shallow waterways away from fords without getting too wet in the process.  Only the wealthy employ coaches, but they are handy for long distance trips, providing shelter from the weather and a convenient and private place to transport people and things.  Many of the smaller trails, which can be used on foot or horseback, are too narrow or steep for a coach.

By Diligence:  The Diligence is a public coach line that runs between Velitrium City and Glenluce and Velitrium City and Drunmore.  The coach runs straight through, stopping only to change horses at designated way stations and to allow drivers, passengers and guards to answer the call of nature.
A Diligence Coach can carry six people plus 100lbs of luggage per person on the roof and back rack.  The Diligence also transports mail for the Crown, which is the main reason the service was formed in the first place.  Travel cost depends on where you are going, the Dilligence stops in a number of towns and villages along the route and passengers may get off or, if there is room, get on.
Travel by Diligence is not cheap, but it is fast.  All listed fares are one way.
There are two drivers and one guard. They take turns driving the coach. Provisions may be purchased at the stops, but they are the passenger�s responsibility.

Diligence Routes and Fares

Origin               Stop                  Destination           Fare
                        Addis                                                    $5
                        Varsol                                                 $10
                        Tara                                                    $12
                        Truk                                                    $18
                        Riccia                                                 $25
                        Salt Lick                                             $30
                        South Bay                                          $35
                        Andorra                                              $40
                                                    Glenluce                $45
                        Andorra                                              $5
                        South Bay                                         $10
                        Salt Lick                                            $15
                        Riccia                                                $20
                        Truk                                                   $27
                        Tara                                                   $33
                        Varsol                                                $35
                        Addis                                                 $40
                                                      Velitrium              $45

The trip, in both directions, takes 25 hours with 5 half hour horse changes and four 15 minute passenger stops.

                        Addis                                                   $5
                        Varsol                                                 $10
                        Tara                                                    $14
                        Ayar                                                    $19
                        Corunna                                             $25
                        Corbridge                                          $30
                        Girvan                                                $35
                        Southbridge                                      $45
                                                       Drunmore           $50

The trip, in both directions, takes 30 hours with 6 half hour horse changes and three 15 minute passenger stops
                        Southbridge                                       $5
                        Girvan                                                $15
                        Corbridge                                          $20
                        Corunna                                             $25
                        Ayar                                                    $31                                 
                        Tara                                                     $36
                        Varsol                                                  $40
                        Addis                                                   $45
                                                   Velitrium                   $50

Travel by Boat:  There are several types of boat in use in Velitrium.  They range in size from dugout canoes like those made by the Jhensari, to full sized sailing ships used on Lake Aldin.
The type of vessel depends on where you are going and what you are doing.

Canoes, Row Boats and Dory�s:  These can make it up into all but the shallowest streams and brooks. However they are dangerous to take far from shore on Lake Adrin.  Row boats can be rigged with a small mast and sail.

Coasters or Fishing Boats:  These are shallow draft boats of 15� to 30� in length. They have one mast and can, if needed, be rowed or poled. Probably the most common boat in Velitrium. It can penetrate all the major rivers and safely cross the open water of the lake.  The cargo hold allows anywhere from 5 to 10 tons of cargo or ten to twenty passengers.  Sailing speed averages 3.5 miles/hour.

River Barges:  Wide, flat bottomed vessels with removable keel boards.  They can range in size from 30� to 50� and carry a remarkable amount of cargo, anywhere from 20 to 100 tons, on the open deck.  They can be sailed, albeit not easily, and rarely attempt crossing the open lake. However they do regularly ply the coastline and all the major rivers. Propulsion is usually by poles, oars or drifting with the current.  They are the slowest and cheapest form of water transport.  Speed, poled, averages 2 miles per hour and the crew rests at night.

Lake Ships:  One and two masted, deep water ships that average 40� to 60� in length.  They are the fastest, safest and most expensive way to cross the lake. They can carry large numbers of passengers and have large cargo holds.   The deep keels limit their usefulness on the rivers. Since the Rebellion the Crown has maintained four of these ships to facilitate moving troops and keeping the island garrison in supply.  There are probably no more then ten privately owned lake ships.  Speed sailed averages 5 miles per hour.

Examples of Boat Fares and passage time: Passenger 100lbs cargo
                                        Barge/time      Coaster/time      Ship/time

Velitrium -- Glenluce  =  $5/2 days         $10/.5 day      $15/.33 days
Velitrium -- Rannoch  =  $40/ 9 days      $75/3 days     $90/2 days
Velitrium -- Drunmore = $25/3 days^      $30/2 days       -------  
Drunmore -- Velitrium = $50/10 days*    $80/7 days       -------
Drunmore -- Glenluce = $55/12 days*    $90/8 days       -------
Drunmore -- Rannoch = $90/21 days*   $200/10 days   -------
Glenluce -- Rannoch  =  $35/7 days        $65/2.5 days  $100/2 days
Glenluce -- Drunmore =  $30/5 days^      $40/2.5 days   ------
Rannoch -- Drunmore = $65/12 days^    $100/5 days     ------

^ With the river current
* Against the river current

Travel by Road
Distance in Miles
               Velitrium                                                   Gates of                                    Barren�s
                  City      Glenluce    Drunmore    Rannoch    Nygg     Dwarfdale  Rivermarch    Wall

Velitrium       0          122            141            *              221          167           275           53 + *

Glenluce     122          0              140            *              220          45             177           53 + *

Drunmore    141        140              0             140+*         80          129            152        193 + *

Rannoch       *            *               140 + *        0           220 + *     45 + *        177 + *      53

Gates of     221         220            80              220 + *       0           209            232         273 + *

Dwarfdale    167         45            129             45 + *       209            0             94          98 + *  

Rivermarch   275        177          152            177 + *       232           94             0         230 + *    

Barren�s        53 + *    53 + *      193 + *       53              273 + *     98 + *       230 + *     0       

*  =  The distance by boat across Lake Adrin.  This equals 60 miles.  The journey around Lake Adrin, by road is very long.

Velitrium to Rannoch = 340 miles
Glenluce to Rannoch = 165 miles

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