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Who's who
The Leaders of Velitrium:
  The principal people of Velitrium are as follows.

 The King:
Urien Gore.   He ruled for fifty nine years, since 740.  Recently passed away he has yet to be replaced. 
King Urien was much loved and will be sorely missed.  He kept the Kingdom intact and defeated Duke Mulgrave's plans to conquor the land with the aid of the Scarlet Cult.
Whom so ever holds the throne of Velitrium, inn addition to being King of Velitrium, is also Duke of Argentatus.

Several weeks after King Urien passed away, this set in motion the machinery that will eventually select a new King. The Council of Nobles met and made the following deciscions...

The Regent, who will rule Velitrium, with the advice and aid of the Dukes, is Count Lysander of Auratus.
He is one of the richest nobles in the Kingdom with experience both in economic issues and military

The Nominating Committee, whose task is to select qualified applicants for the Throne and weed out the
weak ones, consists of the following members.

Father Wellan of the Church of Mitra
Memory Talgas, a Druid of the Old Faith
Sir Maltrab, Knight Captain of the Wall
Lord Athamar Tallanar of Redlund in Gemmatus
Count Warwick from Ferramentium
Baron Boyat of Corbridge in Varsol in Argentium
Count Vincent, of County Leed of which Alves is a part
Baron Huel of the Frontier
Baron Tiglin of Argentium

Everyone hopes that a new King will be chosen quickly to ensure peace and stability throughout the Kingdom.

Duke Rathmar Demetrius of Gemmatus. A Knight of Mitra and a former Avenger, Demetrius was elevated to the rank of Duke of Gemmatus after Mulgrave's Rebellion was crushed. Now in his fifties he still carries out his duties as a Knight of Mitra as well as his Ducal responsibilities. He is the senior most Knight of Mitra in the valley. Popular legend says that Demetrius single handedly slew a dragon and was at one time raised from the dead.

  Duke Lysander Sommel of the Frontier. A Knight of the Wall, he is the son of the Duke Sommel that led the Knights in the Battle of Tralee.

Duke Ruga Glendall of Ferrametium. Another hold over from the years of the Rebellion. Duke Glendall is pushing eighty fast and his health is not as good as the Kings. There is no question of succession in this case. The Duke's son will become the next Duke Glendall. Both the present Duke and the future Duke of Ferramentium are Knights of the Velitar.

  There are, in addition to the King and the three Dukes, nineteen Counts and twenty eight Barons in Velitrium. Several of interest are:

Count Phentos Aragorn of Soubridge. Located in Gemmatus this county is where the Gates of Nygg are located. A close friend of Duke Demetrius Count Aragorn was at one time an Avenger like Demetrius. Aragorn is a full blood Elf and he is reputed to be a wizard. Though young by Elven standards, less than 250 years old, he is highly regarded by the Velitar nobility.

Countess Djiana McCoy of Drunmore. In addition to being the capital of Gemmatus the city of Drunmore is also the seat of the County of Drunmore. Countess McCoy like Count Aragorn is a close friend of Duke Demetrius and a former Avenger.

Count Gaylos Theseus of Minfolin. A full Elf, Count Theseus presides over most of the Elven population of Velitrium.  Though holding the title of Count and ruling a county in the Frontier, Theseus is regarded by the Dukes as an equal. All of County Minfolin is in the Minfolin Forest and is also the location of the Great Druid Grove.

Baron Tholdan Stonehammer of Dwarfdale. Located in Ferramentium the Barony of Dwarfdale is part of the County of Glenluce. Like Count Theseus, Baron Tholdan has a position of respect much above his title. Tholdan is a Dwarf and he rules all the Dwarves in Velitrium, many of the Gnomes and a fair population of Halflings. The Dwarf mines, smithies and factories are of immense importance to the economic life of Velitrium.

Other people of interest:

Mog-Sur the King's Wizard. Though appearing human it is generally believed that he has some Elvish blood in him. He arrived in the valley in 650 and became the wizard and advisor of the then King, Samos Kiser. He has held the position through the reigns of two other Kings and all through the reign of King Urien.

Arch Bishop Aslan Wofford. The leader of the Church of Mitra in Velitrium. He is the Bishop of the Cathedral of Velitrium which by definition makes him the head of the church. Seventy four years old, though still hale and strong
he has been a powerful voice against the practice of slavery. He was Bishop of Glenluce during the Rebellion and was driven out of the city by Treadler's assassins.

Bishop Vathak Durr, Bishop of Drunmore Cathedral. Number two in the Church of Mitra in Velitrium. Durr is a close friend and advisor of Duke Demetrius and a former Avenger.
At fifty seven Durr is the most probable replacement for
Arch Bishop Wofford.

Bishop Bristen Rostov, Bishop of Glenluce. Number three in the church Bishop Rostov is a distant descendent of King Garata Rostov `The Despot.' He is forty six years old.

Bishop Fergus Doolan, Bishop of Rannoch. Number four in the church and the youngest of the Bishops at thirty seven.

High Druid Soche Sevinus. Senior most Druid in the valley. Sevinus is a Memory and is to be found at the Grove in Minfolin Forest. He is very close to Count Theseus, Mog-Sur and Bishop Durr.