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An ancient tradition amongst the Katalla, the Jongleurs originated as soldiers who had the duty of entertaining their fellow soldiers in the field and barracks. Over the centuries they have evolved into one of two kinds of entertainers. Those who are solo, itinerant jongleurs and make their living traveling from town to town performing where ever there is a crowd. And those that work in troupes or companies and put on elaborate stage productions and plays.
  There is no formal training or organization behind the jongleurs. Traditionally a skilled jongleur will endeavor to teach the trade to any student that he or she attracts. This generally means that the master and pupil will travel together, or the student joins the troupe, and begins learning the skills first as an aid and gopher, later by playing bit parts or as a straight man or assistant.
  When the teacher or head of the troupe decides that the student has learned enough, he or she is cut loose to learn by doing. There is an ancient tradition, the origin of which has long been forgotten, that has the teacher give the student a bracelet made of braided horsehair. This bracelet, which all jongleurs wear, is an accepted sign throughout the land and generally means a warm welcome to any sociable gathering or party. +1 reaction roll to such minded people.
  Not everybody welcomes the jongleurs though. They have a reputation, sometimes deserved, as pickpockets, cut purses, grifters and prostitutes. -1 reaction roll for those people who hold such an opinion.

Jongeleur PCs would do well to consider the following advantages. Voice, Appearance, Charisma, Double Jointed, Musical Ability.
To qualify as a Jongeleur a PC must have the following skills at 12 or better. To qualify as a teacher you must have these skills at 16 or better.
Musical Instrument, at least two.
Sleight of Hand

Jongleurs trained with a troupe will also have the following.

Any jongleur should also have the following.
Savoire Faire
Fast Talk
Sex Appeal
Many also posses a variety of thief skills.

  There are at least half a dozen jongleur troupes operating in Velitrium. A troupe consists of ten to twenty jongleurs, male and female. They operate out of anywhere from six to ten wagons that haul props and costumes, serve as living quarters and can be set up as stages.
  The troupes have a repertoire of plays, skits and comedy routines that they specialize in. Certain performances are seasonal, others are used year round. The average Velitar or Katallan loves the plays about the great historical figures, Kings, Wizards, the Lords of the Velitar. These are generally dramas or tragedies. They also enjoy the ribald comedies, musicals and `Vaudeville type' variety shows. Even the Halflings enjoy these types of performances.              
  On the other hand, the Elves find the great historical dramas and tragedies dull and unappealing. They love the comedies and musicals though. The Dwarves are impressed most by individual skills and thus enjoy the variety shows most of all.

  Anyone can become a Jongeleur, except Priests and Knights of Mitra. The profession is considered too profane by the Church for these to practice it.

  One final note. Legend has it that the horsehair bracelet is to remind the jongleur to always have a good fast horse saddled and near at hand, in case it's a tough crowd.