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Sacarium Guard

The Sacarium Guards

  These are the guards and warriors of the Church of Mitra. They serve as Temple Guards, and guards of Monasteries and Abbeys. They can be male or female and they are obligated to certain vows and duties. Some of their vows are akin to those of a monk but their obligations are very different.
  In addition to Guard duties the Sacarium Guards also act as escorts for high ranking church officials and for moving relics and tithes etc. They will also be used on those occasions when the Church sends forces against known strongholds of Evil.

They can be no younger than 16 for a Human and 25 for a Half Elf.
Mandatory Advantages are:

Church as Patron = 10pts
Church will provide food and shelter, weapons and armor. And will aid both physically and spiritually.
Must have at least four weapon skills skill at 15 or better.
Warrior of Mitra  Cost= 10pts
  As a Warrior of Mitra the PC has the following benefits.
 Non-magical abilities of Warriors of Mitra.
   Burial: A Sacarium Guard MUST see to it that all members
   of the Faith receive a proper burial.

+1 Reaction Adjustment from Faithful

+1 PD when attacked by Undead of any kind
    This mystical armor is granted by Mitra to his warriors.  
    It remains only as long as the warrior is in good
   standing with his god.

   Each warrior of Mitra will receive a Consecrated weapon.
   This provides a +1 to skill Vs Demons and Undead.

Required Disadvantages:

Duty to the Church  (10pts)

 The Sacarium Vow   (10pts)
 A Warrior of Mitra swears to; Honor Mitra in all things.
 Follow Mitra's teachings, Spread the Light, Banish the Darkness, Slay the Demons and those that serve them. Uphold the Truth in all matters. Never to take advantage of the Trust of the Faithful. And to obey their Superiors in all matters pertaining to the Church, the Faith and their Duty.
  In addition the Sacarium Guards take a variation of the Vow of the Champion.  The Warrior vows to defend against the Enemies of Mitra, the Servants of the Dark Lore, the Undead and the Demons, and to do battle in the name of Mitra, even unto death.

Military Ranks:
The highest ranks in the Sacarium Guards are held by Priests who have taken the Vow of the Champion. The highest rank available to a non priest is Captain. The ranks are as follows:

Captain: Commands a Company which equals four Platoons
 totaling one hundred and sixteen men.

Lieutenant: Commands two Platoons for a total of fifty six

Ensign: Commands a Platoon of twenty seven men.

Senior Sergeant: Oversees all NCOs in a Company.

Sergeant: NCO of a Platoon of twenty six men.

Lance Corporal: Commands two squads equaling twelve men.

Corporal: Squad level NCO. Commands a group of five men.

Senior Trooper: Automatic after two years of service.

Trooper: The lowest ranking soldier.

Typically a Monastery will have a Platoon of Sacarium Guards, under an Ensign, assigned to defend it.

A small Temple will have perhaps two Squads.

A medium Temple a Platoon.

A large Temple will have two Platoons.

A Cathedral will have at least a Company.