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  A fairly common faith in Velitrium though steadily declining in the face of Mitra. Probably no more than ten percent of the human population follows Druidism. It is however popular with Halflings, Elves and some Gnomes.  
  Druids are trained to fill one of three roles in their society.

   Guardians: Guardian Druids are vowed protect the faithful as well as the creatures of nature that cannot protect themselves, plants, animals etc. Acts of violence against their human followers or wanton cruelty and waste against their animal and plant charges, require action on the part of a Guardian Druid. If possible the activity must be halted or if that is not possible, it must be avenged. They are not obligated to fight, if a peaceful resolution and equitable solution is possible that is considered best. However, Guardian Druids vow to lay down their lives if needed in the defense of their charges. Many Druids begin their careers as Guardians and later move on to other roles.

  Historians/Judges: These Druids serve as the teachers, historians, law givers and judges of their people. They are sworn and obligated to be impartial in all matters, to be accurate and factual and to pass on their knowledge.  The Historian/Judges are called `Memories' and they must be Honest and Truthful in all matters.

  Healer Druids: These Druids care for the health and welfare of their charges. They tend not only the humans, but also animals and plants. The healer Druids, known as `Caretakers' specialize in Healing spells. A Caretaker must also take a vow of Vegetarianism and "Shall not Kill."  Healer Druids may never learn or cast `Ressurection'. Druids do not believe that raising the dead is appropriate, it violates the natural order of things.

  There are seven Druid Groves in Velitrium. These centers of worship are roughly equal to a large Temple of Mitra in importance. The most important of the Groves is in County Minfolin, near the Elves. The Druid in charge of this one is the senior of all in the valley. There are also a number of lesser shrines, these are by no means as numerous as the Mitran shrines but they are important none the less.

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