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Magic is a part of everyday life in Velitrium, it is part of the very fabric that binds the society together.  Whether it be the Arcane magic of Wizards and Mages, the Divine Miracles of Mitra or the mysterious Powers of the Druids it is accepted as a part of the real world.

Because of this, displays of magical power do not inspire the kind of mind numbing awe that they would in more mundane worlds. That is not to say that it doesn't garner respect and even generate fear.  But this is not some simple superstitious dread!  Aside from the obvious fear of the destructive potential of many a spell,  virtually everybody has seen, or knows somebody who knows somebody, who saw, a spell go bad!
Consequently, though Mages and Wizards are highly respected and treated with great care, much as one might treat a Kung Fu Master, having one in town is both a curse and a blessing.  

A player creating a mage should keep this in mind, they should also be aware that a mage is held accountable for damage done by his spells just as a fighter is with his weapons.  The Law takes a dim view of recklessness and the endangerment of the public.  The player would be advised to review the section on Law and Order.

Magic Items, Buying and Selling

Most magic items are made to order, though there is a wide variety of 'common' items that are the bread and butter of Enchanters, the real money is in Commission Work.  Since the average customer has no idea who the enchanters are, or how to contact them, a state that the Enchanters are happy to maintain, special orders are placed through dealers or brokers.

Magic Dealers

There are four top flight dealers in Velitrium, two in Velitrium City, one in Glenluce and one in Drunmore.


Galmar Graybeard

An ancient Dwarf, said to be a first cousin to Velbar Stonehammer who lead the dwarves into the valley. Galmar handles all commissions for Dwarvish work out of Dwarfdale, not just magic but all commissions.  If you want a magic sword you go to Galmar.  If you want a suit of half plate, even non-magical, you go to Galmar.  You need a bridge built, you go to Galmar. No one knows what his cut on these deals is, or even if he gets a cut.  he lives and works out of a large stone townhouse near the palace in Glenluce.  The Duke�s people are constantly coming and going to consult with Galmar or his staff on some public work project or similar matter.  Galmar�s staff includes a dozen dwarves, all tough and doughty fighters as well as being skilled engineers and experts in their various specialties. In addition to these there are ten heavily armed human fighters stationed at various points through out the building and at least two mages on duty at any given time.
Galmar is never known to leave his townhouse, but he periodically is reported being seen in or around Dwarfdale.  How he accomplishes this is a mystery.
  Though Galmar maintains a stock of minor magic items for sale and trade, most of his business is commissioned and paid for in advance.  The customer places the order then returns only to pick it up.  The item usually arrives, secretly, only a day or two before the customer�s expected arrival.  Galmar will buy as well as sell, and his open inventory is available for trade.
  Surprisingly, Galmar handles many deals for the Elves as well as his kindred.  They seem to trust him to handle many of their business affairs.


Vorll Karnoff

  A middle aged, balding man of impressive size and girth.  It is easy to mistake Vorll for the genial buffoon that he often acts, but he is a man of shrewd intellect, a cunning negotiator and a more than competent mage. He speaks several languages, including all the tongues of the Desert folk, Jhensari, Dwarfish, Elvis and Goblin.
  He lives on a Manor outside the city and is surrounded by several score servants, retainers and bodyguards (several of which are foriegn barbarians) and at least half a dozen huge Stahl hounds that are always lounging about Vorll, mooching food and demanding his attention.  Woe to anyone that seems to threaten their master!
  In addition to handling magic commissions, buying selling and trading odd items and alchemical devices, Vorll is the principal dealer for acquiring the powerful composite bows made by the desert tribes.  He also deals in spices and, it is rumored, certain illegal substances.

Velitrium City

Tryllian Rorque

  Tryllian Rorque is a woman to be reckoned with, beautiful, charismatic, graceful, rich and accomplished.  She is now in her late forties and is becoming more reclusive, attending fewer social and court functions and throwing fewer balls than in the past, but still with her finger very much on the pulse of the City and Court.  Rumored to have been a frequent late night visitor to the King�s private chambers, she is still on excellent terms with Urien and can almost always count on an immediate audience if she desires it.
  Tryllian has several �Ladies� who always attend her, they are all accomplished spell casters or skilled fighters.  She also keeps a troop of twenty men at arms to guard the walled compound in which she lives and act as escorts when she travels, which is alwys by coach and four.
  Though having both the aptitude and training of a mage, Tryllian�s main arcane intrest was alchemy and that is still her specialty when it comes to dealing in arcane items Whether it be potions, powders, ointments, amulets, charms, fire arrows or such, Tryllian Rorque is the one to see.

Ollin Hart

  Ollin Hart is as far from Tryllian Rorque as one can imagine.  A small, weasely man of dark complexion and shifty ways, he has no known address and prefers to do business in bars and taverns through out the city. He is always accompanied a by a tall hooded man who never speaks but seems able to communicate at will with Ollin.  In addition to this mysterious individual, Ollin is surrounded by six battle hardened fighter of fearsome repute.
  In addition to handling magic of all kinds, Ollin is rumoured to handle other hard to find and or sell items.  He seems to have some type of arrangement with the watch, in that they are NEVER anywhere near Ollin when he is working a deal, and they NEVER appear until after he has long gone.
  No one knows where Ollin�s base is, or even if he has one.  He seems to know the back alleys of the City like the back of his hand and can vanish in an instant if need be.

Other Sources....
Most large towns and certainly all the cities, have a market for the minor items and it is not too difficult to sell or trade these without dealing with the Big Four.  Even the sale of large items can be accomodated in many cases, especially if the deal involves the exchange of several lesser items rather then gobs of cash.  The Church, the Crown and the Druids are all possible buyers of unwanted items that would be of value or interest to these organizations.

Temporary Magic

Many magic items are made to be used only one or two times before their power is dissipated. This is particularly true for arrows, bolts and prodd and sling bullets.  These items are good for one use (unless otherwise specified) and hit or miss they are finished.
The advantage of temporary items for the mage is that they are produced quickly and cheaply and their rapid consumption ensures return customers.

Temporary Enchantments use a special variation of the Enchant Spell.  New Spells

Mage Characters

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