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History and Cronology of Velitrium


 1   Founding of Velitrium, marked by arrival in valley and crowning of
      Vathak Wingsten, "The Leader.".

 22  Death of Vathek Wingsten without heir. Grandson of Tragden  
       Gwalcibar is crowned; King Degnos Gwalcibar "The Great."

 69  Degnos Gwalcibar dies, heir is King Medani Kaluga

 83  Medani Kaluga dies, heir is King Rostov Gwalcibar

127  Gwalcibar II dies, heir is King Addis Baren "The Builder."

149  Jhensari driven from valley, Baren's Wall built to keep them out.
         Knights of the Wall established.

 163  Addis Baren dies, heir is King Vathak Baren.

 197  Elven Migration into Valley. Treaty signed.

208  Vathak Baren dies, heir is King Vathak Gwalcibar

211 Vathak Gwalcibar dies, heir is King Perigsen Calpernis

238 Perigsen Calpernis dies, heir is King Krevos Rudigore

259  Krevos Rudigore dies, heir is King Rother Gwalcibar II "The Just"

269  Dwarven migration, treaty signed with Lord Velbar Stone Hammer.

289  Rother Gwalcibar dies, heir is King Vathak Rudigore

311  Dark Years:  7 years of Plauge. All Lords of Velitar, famlies and   
         bloodlines wiped out.

318  1st elected king, King Lublin Andorra

338  2nd elected king, King Siglun Adler

349  3rd elected king, King Belo Herat

383  4th elected king,  King Galwar Namsos

421  5th elected king, King Bristen Rabat "The Tall"

448  6th elected king, King Tara Asino

470  7th elected king, King Boma Bikar "The Fat"

500  8th elected king, King Vaasa Kokkola

531  9th elected king, King Ayan Socho.  Hob-Goblin invasion

532  10th elected king, King Erbil Springdor "Strongarm"

535 Hob-Goblin forces expelled from valley

548  11th elected king, King Lindi Andorra

561  12th elected king, King Gomel Saratov

574 13th elected king, King Garatu Rostov "The Despot"

590  Popular rebellion begins in Gemmatus

598  14th elected king, King Soche Agata "King Slayer"

629  15th elected king, King Engels Ayan

655  16th elected king, King Lamas Gavlin

669  17th elected king, King Fergus Torgelson "The Scourge"

681  18th elected king, King  Lufkin Nashu  "Witch Hunter"

703  19th elected king, King Borger Nyack

721  20th elected king, King Aslon Klamath "The Deciever, False King"  
         Rigged elections and formented a nine year civil war.

730  21st elected king, King Valdesta Wofford "The Redeemer"

745  22nd elected king, King Erhnil Paramus "Wizard King"

763  King Paramus abdicates.  23rd elected king, King Samos Kiser.

770  Mog-Sur becomes King's Wizard

785  24th elected king, King Olivet Greentree

805  25th elected king, King Kittrell Blaksburr

840  26th elected king, King Urien Gore

865  Great Rebellion begins, lead by Duke Mulgrave of Gemmatus.

869  Rebellion defeated, Mulgrave flees to Khun Dhagra. Demetrius
         new Duke of Gemmatus

899  Present day

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