The Kingdom of Velitrium

This site is devoted entirely to the Velitrium Campaign.  Here you will find specific details on character creation, histories of the campaign, armor, weapon and equipment lists, details on magic and a lot more!

 If you are interested in setting up a character, please visit the main site, Missiledine’s Games, for an overview on how.  This site will provide specifics for this campaign only.

About the Game

Everyone is welcome to join, novice or experienced player, regardless of age, gender, species, etc.
However… Though I do not go out of my way to run ‘pornographic’ games, adult themes do arise in play. Consequently I ask that an interested player please tell me what your real age is, as opposed to your character’s age.  This is simply so I can ensure some degree of compatibility amongst players.

Play takes place in several formats.  The first is Play By E Mail, or PBEM to the account that I have established for the main play area. Most play is done in this fashion though I have run sessions using direct email between the player and GM (Me!)  If you are unfamiliar with the way this type of gaming works, I suggest you visit the Message section to see some examples.
In either case play involves exchanging e-mails describing the character’s actions and the responses and circumstances of what is going on around the character.

If you do not have a membership I suggest you get one.

The second type of play takes place in live chat. I use Chat  to conduct these sessions.

One last thing…..

If you are someone who has a problem with, or takes exception to, ideas like, magick, demons, fictional religions and deities…. Then this probably isn’t for you.  GO AWAY!

Contacting Me!

Contact Missiledine

You can E Mail me by clicking on the Dragon (and any similar Dragon you see while browsing)

One final note….

A Copyright disclaimer… Velitrium and all data and files related to Velitrium are the sole property of me, Missiledine. (With the exception of those things noted on the Credit’s page!) You may copy it and use it for game and play purposes only. Do not publish it without crediting the source and don’t even think of trying to make money off it!  Other GM’s may, if they ask nicely, link their sites to mine.

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