House Rules

I don’t really like House Rules, but it is inevitable that they creep into the game.  It is too easy for them to grow beyond the GM’s original intention. And though I know that GURPS is not a perfect gaming system, it is, in my opinion, one of the best around, so I don’t really like to tinker with it.  That being said, I do have a few….


Most of my House Rules are Campaign specific or apply to a particular type of character.




Researching New Spells
The rules provide methods of research, for both learning existing spells and creating new ones. These rules are fine and I don’t intend to tamper with them.  However, it often comes to pass that a player is a long, long way from a library or other source of research materials when he or she desires a new spell.  Assuming that the CPs exist to buy the spell, this is the rule I follow.


If a character desires a new, existing, spell and he or she already has all the required prerequisites AND knows at least four spells in the same college as the desired spell, AND has his Spell Book in his possession. Then it is assumed that the mage has accumulated sufficient notes, knowledge and experience with that college, to figure out how to cast the spell.  This is only allowed once per college.  If at a later date the mage wants to learn another spell in the SAME college as the last spell acquired, then he or she will have to find the research materials and start from scratch.
If the mage does not have a spell book, or does not have it along on the trip, then all those accumulated notes and data are unavailable.  If the mage hasn’t previously learned at least four spells in the desired spell’s college, then he doesn’t know enough to put it all together with out outside research materials.


Spell Prerequisites that you can’t cast
In some of my campaigns (Specifically Velitrium) there are spells that are prohibited from certain classes or types of spell casters.  However, there are times when a prohibited spell is needed as a prerequisite for learning or casting an allowed spell.


In such circumstances the spell caster may acquire the knowledge needed to serve as the prerequisite at the expense of .5 Character Points. That is, one half a point.  The caster MAY NOT cast the spell, nor may the caster ever increase his ability in the spell with extra points.


Changes to Spells
Earth Vision
For various campaign reasons I am ammending this spell as follows:  The MAXIMUM range of vision is 5 yards or 15 feet.  Limitations of worked stone etc remain as noted.




Prodds and lead pellets
A prodd is a crossbow designed to shoot stones or lead pellets instead of bolts.
When a prodd that is loaded with a lead pellet is used to shoot an unarmored target, or any target with a DR of less than 2, the damage done by the pellet will be treated as Bullet damage IF the target is within the 1/2 damage range of the Prodd.


Broadsword and Two-Handed Swords
The skill broadsword encompasses Bastardsword and Bastardsword is also a two-handed sword weapon. (For those of you unfamiliar with the weapon, a Bastardsword is a broadsword with a hilt that is long enough to be used two handed if desired.) However, there is no default between broadsword and two-handed sword such as exists between broadsword and shortsword skills.  To remedy this I will allow Broadsword to default to Two-Handed Sword at -2 and Two-Handed Sword to default to Broadsword at -2 WHEN the player is employing a Bastardsword.


Healing and Herbalism


Specific to the Velitrium Campaign is the use of herbal concoctions and the skill of Herbalist as am alternate source of healing.  This add on is in response to the loss of healing ability to non clerical spell casters.  See the specifics in the Velitrium overview.