NOTE:  These ARE NOT the Goblins found in Fantasy Folk!


  As mentioned earlier Goblins and Hobgoblins are very common in the mountains around Velitrium and especially in Khun Dagra.
 Physically, Goblins range in height from 3′ to 7′, their skin is coarse textured and of tan or orange in color. Some, especially the larger ones are sparsely covered in a coarse, stiff hair. Their heads and faces are rather long with a protruding jaw which bristles with needle sharp teeth. Their five fingers are tipped with heavy claw like nails. Goblins are very strong, even the small ones, and are hard to kill.
  Generally the taller Goblins, ranging from 5’6″ to 7′ are nomadic forest dwellers who live in small bands of thirty to sixty in number. The Goblins call these cousins, `Haeb’ which has been corrupted into `Hob-Goblins’ or simply `Hobgoblins’.
  Traditionally Hobgoblins live in an area for a number of months before moving on to fresh hunting grounds or to follow migrating herds. In Khun Dagra a large population has settled down into permanent settlements. This is probably due to the Velitar invasion of the main valley which pushed them out of their old hunting grounds. When the Jhensari controlled the valley there was a kind of understanding between the two races. The Velitar threw the Jhensari out and also shut the Hobgoblins into the valley of Khun Dagra.
  The smaller Goblins, 3′ to 5’6″ dwell underground in complex warrens of tunnels, mines and cities. Called Mountain Goblins, or just Goblins, most come out after dark, their eyes are sensitive to the sun light. This sensitivity is not permanent, if a Mountain Goblin stays outside for several days his eyes will adjust. They are excellent miners, rivaling even the Dwarves in this field and in Khun Dagra they have carved out hundreds of miles of tunnels, both under the valley and in the mountains surrounding it. Though many of the Hobgoblins still live above ground, many more have adopted the subterranean lifestyle of their smaller brethren. Interbreeding has resulted in an average sized Goblin of about 5′. These are comfortable both above or below ground.
  Goblin armor is generally heavy leather, with leather helms and medium shields. The weapons they favor include spears, javelins with wickedly barbed tips, short bows and crossbows. The preferred hand weapon of Goblins is a morningstar or spiked club; but on occasion they have been known to make swords. Of course they will use any captured equipment that comes to hand.
  The Goblins and the Dwarves have an ancient and bloody feud between them. Perhaps it stems from their competition for the same ecological niche. What ever the reason they generally attack Dwarves on sight.  
  Rumor has it that many of the Goblins in Khun Dagra are allied to the shadowy Lord Melagram, but the accuracy of this is unknown.