Encyclopedia Velitrium Volume VI P to S

Volume P to S


Palood, the:  Vast swamp located in the southeastern corner of the valley.  Mostly unexplored, home to many large predatory creatures.


Penny: Large copper coin, can be broken in half. Value whole is $1.


Primus: Means “First Lord” and was used to designate which of the Lords of the Velitar was the ruler of all the Velitar, including the other Lords. A now defunct title.


Red Beards:  Dwarves exiled from Chedza Chana Cheklar. (All PC Dwarves.)


River Devil:  See Coolhari.


Rhanos Hounds:  Lord Rhanos Wingstan, (a nephew of Vathak) began breeding a large hunting dog capable of taking on, as a pack, the fierce lions that roamed the Valley in the early days.  (Though rare, they are still to be found  in the wilder areas.)  Known today as `Rhanos Hounds’ they are widely used in hunting, as guard dogs and by the Army as security. Tall, with thick curly hair that is generally either tan or dark grey.


Rhonus: January,  Month of the destroyed Moon


Rice Wine:  Black Rice from the Palood is used to make this.  It is a sweet, clear wine that is popular with Elves and as an export to the Desert cities.


Royal: Small gold coin, made to be broken in half. Value whole is $50.


Scarlet Cult:  One of the Cults of the Dark Lore. Known to consort with Demons, practice ritual cannibalism and seek the return of Blar the Destroyer.


Shendorra: Second most common language in the Desert cultures.  It does have a written form.


Solar:  Large gold coin, largest denomination minted. Value is $100.


Solis: June,  Month to celebrate the Sun, the longest day. Druidic name.


Solis Day: Sunday (Named in honor of the sun. Source of all life, according to Druidic teaching and a Symbol of Mitra)


Songs of the Velitar:  A cycle of ancient songs or hymns that were used by the Lords of the Velitar to inspire and to a certain degree, control the Velitar people.  There are hymns for Battle, Rejoicing, Sorrow, Inspiration and Calming.  Though the words are well known and are often sung even today, it is said that the ‘magical’ effects of the hymns could only be utilised by one of the Blood, a true Lord of the Velitar.


Spear Levy:  Refers to the conscript force that can be ordered up in any community by the local ruler. To equip this force the law requires all communities to maintain an Armory with enough weapons and shields to equip all adult males.


Stahl Hound:  This is a Husky like dog that is bred and used by the Jhensari.  They employ it as a hunting hound, attack dog, pack animal and sled dog.  Fierce and wolf like in appearance and tactics they are formidable opponents, they work best in a pack with other Stahl Hounds.  Some Stahls have found their way into Velitar hands but they are rare and expensive.


Stone Brew:  See Beer, Black.


Swamp Bear: Conforms in all resects to the Black Bear. Found in the Palood, in river areas and around lakes.


Swamp Cats: A jaguar type cat that is found in the Palood, along rivers and lakes. At home in the water, known to submerge completely while stalking prey. Dappled gray in color.