Credit where credit is due….
Velitrium is entirely my own creation, and the contents of the history and background  are all mine.  However,  I am not an artist. Consequently I have used other sources for the artwork you see on this site.  All artwork is used without permission of the artist, publisher or owner. It is used solely for illustrative and entertainment purposes and is not intended for any profit or financial gain.
I repeat: I am not an artist and these pictures are not my creation.  In those cases where I am familiar with the source I have listed it in the credit section. The pictures are not posted here for profit or gain, but rather for the entertainment and enlightenment of my players.  If anyone objects to their work being posted here, please contact me and I will happily remove it. (Well, maybe not ‘Happily,’ but I will remove it!)
Most of the fashion drawings are from Doreen Yarwood’s excellent “European Costume, 4000 years of Fashion” Published by Bonanza Books, 1982
Other artwork is from “The Barbarians: Warriors & Wars of the Dark Ages” by Tim Newark  Blandford Press, 1986
“The Roman Army from Hadrian to Constantine” Text by Micheal Simkins Colour plates by: Ronald Embleton  OSPREY Men At Arms Series 1979
Numerous Monster and Creature images are from AD&D 1st Edition Monster Manual, Fiend Folio, Dieties and Demigods, Monster Cards and other TSR owned sources.
Some renderings are from GURPS Source Books (Too numerous to list!) and are owned by Steve Jackson Games.
Sword and Misc. weapon pictures are from “Museum Replicas Limited” catalog
Armor photos are from Illusion Armoring  
Costume photos are from Renstore
Crossbow pictures are from Period Crossbows
Assorted weapon pictures, crossbows, artillery etc from ‘WEAPONS An International Encyclopedia from 5000B.C. to 2000 A.D.  Updated Edition’ by ‘The Diagram Group’ St Martin’s Press 1980
Credit to an article by Revenant concerning conversion of AD&D spells, particularly those from Dragon Lance, for inspiring me to restoresome classic AD&D spells to the Velitrium Campaign.  That I have not kept all the stats as Revenant converted is merely a reflection of my obsessive tweaking!
Dragonlance Spells  Copyright (c) 1995 by Revenant <>
Credit to a Pyramid Article, ‘Chainmail – Why Bother? Optional Rules for Misunderstood Armor’ By Dan Howard