Encyclopedia Velitrium Volume II D to F

Volume D to F


Das-Mali: A close relative of Mali is Das-Mali. This mushroom is virtualy identical to regular Mali, only an expert can tell them apart. Das- Mali is highly poisonous.  See Mali.


Desert of Nygg:  The desert that lies south of Velitrium and serves as a shield between Velitrium and Calbazar.  Most of it is unexplored, at least be the Velitar.  There are a number of cities and cultures centered around the scattered oasis.


Drakes:  See Fire Tubes.


Durham Terriers: Durham Terriers, so called because the were first bred in the town of Durham in Gemmatus, are popular as small game hunters and as pets. Small, wirey haired in a variety of colors and mixes.


Farn�s Day: Friday  (Farn is an ancient term used to refer to the Elemental Powers  that (according to Druidic theory) bind the World together.)


Farthing: Silver coin, sometimes called a �silver pence� or �silver penny.�  Made to be broken in half.  Value whole is $5.


Ferramentium:  The western Duchy.  Sometimes called �Iron Hold� due to the large number of iron mines. Capitol is Glenluce.


Festival: September, Month of the Harvest Festival


Fire Staves:  Similar to Arrows of the Avengers in manufacture. Instead of exploding they project a jet of flame from one end.  Like the Arrows they are difficult to obtain outside of official channels. A one use item.


Fire Tubes:  A weapon originally of Dwarven design.  Usually made of bronze in the shape of a dragon. It consists of a tube between 30� and 36� in length and 4� in diameter, open at one end.  The open end, or mouth, is flared, and shaped like a dragon�s mouth, the rear has a stylized tail that serves as a handle and curves from the back across the top and along the length of the tube. There are two small wings set along each side about a foot from the rear. Inside the jaws is a small lamp wick that must be lit manually by the user.  At the rear of the tube is a plug that may be opened to allow an inner reservoir to be filled with 1 pint of light grade lamp oil (Or Dragon’s Breath).  When the handle is pumped eight to ten times (a process that takes ten seconds) an internal cylinder is charged with air. When the wings on either side of the tube are squeezed together, between arm and body, the air and oil mix in a spray that passes across the flame and ignites.  The resulting flame lasts for 1 second and has a range of six feet. The weapon must be pumped again for the next use. The oil reservoir holds enough for three uses before emptying. The oil reservoir also feeds the lamp wick in the mouth. After the third spray the flame in the mouth will go out in about one minute unless the reservoir is refilled. Wicks must be replaced after about four hours of constant use. Used by the Dwarves in the defense of their underground realms. Human artificers are generally unable to replicate the fine tolerences of the Dwarven work, resulting in an inferior weapon with a range of about 3�.


Frontier:  Northern Duchy, also the most sparsely settled. Capitol is Rannoch.