Encyclopedia Velitrium Volume IV J to L

Volume J to L


Jhensari:  Native human population of the Valley, driven out by the Velitar.  


Jhensari Corn: A variety of maize, it grows in stalks three to four feet high with six to eight ‘ears’ on each stalk. Each ear is three to five inches long. It can be eaten fresh or dried and ground into meal or flour. It is eaten in its entirety, cob and all. It is also used for livestock feed, generally only for valued chargers.


Katallah:  One of the Tribes of Calbazar. In Velitrium it is a minority population descended from those Katallahn mercenaries that remained loyal to the Velitar during the Exodus. Though not exclusively mercenaries by trade, many Katallahn are. As a whole the Katallah take great pride in their honor and their word.  When a Katallahn gives his word, or accepts a contract, he is honor bound to fulfill that contract.


Katallahn Blades:  A style of sword and daggar blade that tapers the entire length to form a thrusting point.  


Katallahn Clans: There were twenty three clans in Calbazar, but only eleven are represented in Velitrium.
 Clodis Clan = Ferramentum, Glenluce City
 Lahmak Clan = Ferramentum, eastern half
 Coldon Clan:  = Gemmatus, western half                                          
 Wahlen Clan = Frontier, Rannoch City
 Barak Clan: = Argentium, north east
 Droovis Clan = Frontier, countryside
 Mahlvis Clan  = Velitrium City               
 Rochav Clan = Gemmatus and Ferramentum, countryside
 Mahgar Clan = Gemmatus, Drunmore City
 Aylor Clan = Argentium, south central                                              
 Halgar Clan = Ferramentium and Argentium, countryside, central


Khedros Drormog:  Dwarven leader and rival of Velbar Stonehammer, also known as “Red Beard.”  He led an unsuccessful revolt against Stonehammer in an attempt to bring about a return to Cheka Cheklar. He and his followers were exiled from Chedza Chana Cheklar and now dwell in Velitrium without a recognized home. See Red Beards.


Khun, the:  Short term used to refer to residents of Khun Dhagra and Khun Dhagra raiders. Used mostly in regards to humans, but can also mean Goblins and Hob-Goblins.


King’s Day: Tuesday (The Day the Kings of Velitrium are crowned. Also called Primus Day from the term applied to the First Lord of the Velitar)


Knights of Velitrium: Hereditary order of Knighthood. Symbol is a white horse. Also known as, Knights of the Velitar, Knights of the White Horse. Prospective members must come from a ‘Booked’ family. (See White Book.)
Knights of the Wall:  Order of Knighthood created to defend Barren’s Wall from Jhensari incursions.  Membership is by invitation only.


Lake Adrin:  The large fresh water lake at the center of the Valley with a surface area well in excess of 6500 square miles.  The lake is very deep, averaging 400′ to 600′ but in parts it seems to have no bottom. Lake Adrin appears to have hot springs feeding the southern part which keeps its temperature higher. The northern part is fed by several rivers that bring icy waters down from the mountains.  These rivers can and do, freeze over. The Varsol, the outflow of the lake, is always warm and never freezes.  Fishing is very good in the lake, though the Coohlari and the snappers can be dangerous to a careless fisherman.  However, there are legends, rumors, of something big, something really, really big in the lake.  It is remembered that the Jhensari called the lake “Tehama Ducor” which means, ‘Hidden Menace.’


Legion, The:  The forces of Darkness, servants of Blar from the greatest Demon Lords to the lowliest foot soldiers of Hell.


Lemus: June, Month of the salvation from the Destruction of Paradise


Lemus Day: Thursday (The day the Ancestors were saved from the Destruction of Paradise. Derived from the ancient name of Paradise.)


Lonath Nectar: A fine raspberry liquor made by the monks of the Monastery of Lonath. The exact recipe and technique is a carefully guarded secret.


Lords of the Velitar: Ancient, hereditary rulers of the Velitar. The last of that line died out during the Plague. Legend has it that they possessed many unique and remarkable powers. See Treasure of and Blood, Of the and Songs of the Velitar.


Lunar: Large silver coin, made to be broken in half. Value whole is $20.


Lunus: October, Month of the Moon