There are 366 days in the Velitar Calender. It is divided into 12 months. Each month has 4 weeks of 7 days each (give or take).  Most of the names on the calendar, be they for months or days, come from the Old Faith (Druidism) with only a few exceptions.
The Days of the Week
 Mitra’s Day   =  Monday (According to myth, all of Mitra�s Miracles were performed on this day. The day most faithful attend services.)
 King’s Day    = Tuesday (The Day the Kings of Velitrium are crowned. Also called Primus Day from the term applied to the First Lord of the Velitar)
 Gaia’s Day    = Wednesday (Name the Druids give to all of the World as a whole. Day most Druidic Faithful will attend services)
 Lemus Day    = Thursday (The day the Ancestors were saved from the Destruction of Paradise. Derived from the ancient name of Paradise.)
 Farn’s Day     = Friday  (Farn is an ancient term used to refer to the Elemental Powers that (according to Druidic theory) bind the World together.)
 Twins Day      = Saturday (Ancient reference to the two moons. The lessor of which was destroyed by Mitra in battle with Blar, the Evil One.)
 Solis Day        = Sunday (Named in honor of the sun. Source of all life, according to Druidic teaching and a Symbol of Mitra)
The Months of the Year
Several months are known by more than one name, depending on your religion. The less common name is in ( )
 Rhonus  = January  (Month of the destroyed Moon)
 Volen  = February  (Means �Hunger� the month when the larder is empty)
 Mitras  = March  (Month of Mitraen Holy Days)
 Ignastus = April   (The Month of the Warming)
Allus  = May  (Month of Birth or Flowering)
Solis = June    (Month to celebrate the Sun, the longest day.)
(Lemus)           (Month of the salvation from the Destruction of Paradise)
Ascendus  = July  (Month the Clan climbed out of the Desert into the Valley)
(Black Month)     (Month that the Plauge began)
Victrus  = August  (Celebrates the victory of Mitra over the Evil One)
Festival = September  (Month of the Harvest Festival)
(Talgus)                       (Old term for Harvest)
Lunus   = October       (Month of the Moon)
(Necrat)                       (Month of Death)
Vellus   = November     (Month of the Ancestors. Honors the Ancient Velitar Lords)
(Necrus)                        (Month of the Dead)
Helgat =  December     (Month of Darkness. Shortest day)
Mitran Holy Days:
March 5, 6 and 7
These are some of the highest holy days in the faith. It is believed that during these three days Mitra created man and shaped the world into what it is today.
June 6
On this day it is believed that Mitra saved the Ancients from the destruction of Paradise.
August 1
Probably the most important holy day. It was on this day that Mitra defeated the Greatest Demon.
December 5
On this day Mitra made man self aware and gave him free will.
Druidic Holy Days:
April 15
Druidic Planting Feast
June 21
Summer Solstice. The longest day.
October 30, 31 and November 1
Celebration of the harvest
December 21
Winter Solstice. The shortest day.
The Dark Faith
  Few know the reasons behind these dates and in fact their signifigance may be only superstition. There may be, and probably are, other holy days but knowledge of them is restricted.
April 30 and May 1
Believed to be the Dark Faiths highest holy day.
October 31 and November 1
Another very important day. Legend says that evil spirits are released on the world from midnight Oct. 31st till the last minute of Nov. 1st. The fact that the Druids have a holy day at the same time may or may not be significant. It has certainly caused much suspicion over the years.