Encyclopedia Velitrium Volume V M to O

Volume M to O


Mali:  This is a mushroom and it’s spores that grows at higher elevations. When eaten, or inhaled, Mali causes halucinations. Mali is used extensively by Jhensari shamans as part of their religous rituals and, reportedly, by some Cults of the Dark Lore. It is highly addictive, hallucinagenic and illegal. See Das-Mali.


Mead, Alfan: Though widely made throughout Velitrium, the best and only Mead worthy of individual distinction is that made in Alfan from honey taken from the hives of the Giant Bees native to that area. When Alfan Mead is drank, it is customary to ‘Toast the Queen.’  The Queen being the Queen Bee of the hive the honey came from.  Mead is also a Jhensari favorite.


Melagram, Lord:  Said to be the real ruler of the Valley of Khun Dhagra. Rumored to be immortal. No one knows what he looks like, he always appears in fully articulated, black plate armor with closed great helm.


Militia:  The volunteer force that is found in all communities throughout the Kingdom.  Members keep their armor and weapons at home and must attend regular practice sessions and be available for service. In exchange they receive tax breaks and financial aid in equipping themselves.


Mitra’s Day: Monday (According to myth, all of Mitra’s Miracles were performed on this day. The day most faithful attend services.)


Mitras: March,  Month of Mitraen Holy Days


Monar Mountains:  The mountain range that borders the Valley of Velitrium to the west. See Mondaliath Mountains.


Mondoliath Mountains:  The mountain range that borders the Valley of Velitrium to the west.  Some scholars argue that the Valley is not a large enough break to justify the western range having a different name then the eastern one. See Monar Mountains.


Necrat: October, Month of Death. Druidic name


Necrus: November,  Month of the Dead. Druidic name.


Nine Hells:  Mitraen theology believes that the Darkness is divided into nine regions, each overseen by a Demon Lord, but all ultimately answerable to Blar.  Internal strife and jealousies between the Demon Lords is one of the principal reasons that the Darkness will never become powerful enough to defeat the Light.


Noble:  Medium sized silver coin, made to be broken in half. Value whole is $10.


Nomads: Though it has been centuries since the bulk of the Desert Cultures lived a nomadic existence, the Velitar still classify all of the Desert peope as Nomads.


Nomad Languages:  There are literally dozens of languages used in the desert, but three of them are used by about 70% of the population. They are Ahgali, Shendorra and Trebla.  To facilitate communication, there has developed a Trade Tongue called Ghanan.