Encyclopedia Velitrium Volume VII T to V

Volume T to V


Talgus: September, Old term for Harvest. Druidic name.


Thanos:  Human city in Khun Dhagra, built by Menachem Khudran and his loyal followers. Ruled by the High Priest of the Scarlet Cult. See Treldar.


Treasure of the Velitar Lords:  The loot of the Imperial City of Calbazar was abandoned during the Exodus, hidden by the order of Vathak Wingsten, Primus.  The maps made to guide the Velitar Lords back to recover it were lost, it has never been found.


Trebla: The third most common Desert tounge. It does not have a written form.


Treldar:  Little is known about him. He is the High Priest of the Scarlet Cult, a rank equivalent to Arch Bishop. He is also the King of Thanos and its surrounding territory.


Twins Day: Saturday (Ancient reference to the two moons. The lessor of which was destroyed by Mitra in battle with Blar, the Evil One.)


VV: The largest and most highly regarded distiller is the Vorchen family located in the town of Varsol. They have been in operation for over two hundred years.  Their products have become the standard by which others are rated and their milk white jugs, glazed with two overlapping Vs in dark red have become almost a standard sign for potent alcoholic drinks.


Valley, The:  The Valley of Velitrium, used to refer to the Kingdom.


Valley Bear: Conforms in all respects to the Grizzley Bear. Found throughout the Valley except in the Palood.


Valley of Khun Dhagra:  Valley located east of Velitrium in the Monar Mountains. Home to hordes of Goblins, Hob-Goblins and center for the evil of the Scarlet Cult.


Vellus: November, Month of the Ancestors. Honors the Ancient Velitar Lords


Voi: Voi are a member of the ferret/mongoose family. They were kept by the Jhensari to fill the role of domestic ratter, hunt small game and to kill snakes and serpants around the home area.  They have become popular with the Velitar for the same roles and are very common in Gemmatus, around the Palood and in the villages and towns near rivers because they are so efficient at killing snakes, even big, poisonous ones.


Victrus: August, Celebrates the victory of Mitra over the Evil One


Viper, River:  Aggressive, venomous snake found in shallow waters and along the water’s edge. 2′ – 3′ in length, muddy green in color. Also called Swamp Viper.


Volen: February,  Means ‘Hunger’ the month when the larder is empty