Nobility and Rulers:                      :
King = Urien Buell.  Selected by the Council of Nobles                          
3 Dukes = Hereditary titles  
                Duke Demetrius of Gemmatus
                Duke Glendall of Feramentium
                Duke Sommell of the Frontier
                King Urien of Argentatus                        
19 Counts = Hereditary with some appointed by Dukes                    
28 Barons =  Some are hereditary, some are appointed by the Counts                  
Numerous Lords and landed knights, both appointed and hereditary                                
Religious Leadership, Mitraen
Arch Bishop, Velitrium Cathedral = Aslan Wofford
Bishop Drunmore Cathedral = Vathak Durr
Bishop Glenluce Cathedral =  Bristen Rostov
Bishop of  Rannoch Cathedral = Fergus Doolan
Bishop General Sacarium Guard = Olon Grath
Bishop Inspector (Oversees operations of monasteries, schools, etc.) = Allos Bellus
There are four Cathedrals, 28 Abbeys and Monasteries, Temples located in every town,                                Chapels in every village and Shrines all over the place.
Druidic Faith
There are seven Druid Groves. These are the equivalent of a large temple or cathedral. The largest and most important is in Minfolan Forest.
Races: and population
Humans: 369,500 +/-
Halflings: 600 +/-
Gnomes: 1,300 +/-
Dwarves: 4,500 +/-
Elves: 500 +/-
Sub-Total: 376,300 +/-
Human Slaves: 5,700 +/-
Humanoid Slaves: 18,000 +/-
Total: 400,000 +/-