The Dark Lore



“O friend and companion of the night, thou who rejoicest in the baying of dogs and spilt blood who wanderest in the midst of shades among the tombs, who longest for blood and bringest terror to mortals, Gorgo, Mormo, thousand faced moon, look favourably on our sacrifices!”


 “When Mitra shattered the moon in which Blar had hidden his life he dispelled Blar’s physical presence on this plane but did not destroy the Demon.  Instead, by pulverizing his life into almost countless pieces he had made it almost impossible to actually kill the Beast.  The pieces of the shattered moon fell to earth, many burning to ash as they plunged through the atmosphere, others, larger, splashed into the deep sees or buried themselves deep into the earth. Blar’s life was spread across the face of the Earth in particles so small as to be microscopic and in pieces larger than a building, Mitra despaired of ever finding them all.  Then to his horror, the full realization of what he had done came to him.  A little piece of Blar would come to reside in every living thing! Inhaled in the air, absorbed with water, dusting the food ingested, picked up from the soil by the plants, passed on to the animals that ate the plants and to the predators that ate the animals.  The evil of Blar would be with the world forever. Unless…. If enough of Blar’s life is gathered together in one place, the power it radiates will draw all the rest, regardless of distance or obstacle, to it and allow the Demon to reform on this plane.”


 Of all the cults of the Dark Lore, the oldest, bloodiest and most evil, is undoubtedly the one known as `The Scarlet Cult’. This ancient group has existed under different names from time out of mind. It is believed to be the direct lineal descendent of the original followers of the Demon-God Blar. He who came out of the darkness to contend with Mitra at the beginning of all things.
Priests of the Cult are known to serve and consort with Demons. They use necromantic magic to make slaves of the dead, and to extend their own lives by drawing the life from others. The Cults rituals employ human blood and flesh, and it is known that all who would follow the Cult must regularly partake of human flesh.


There are in fact four cults of the Dark Lore.  Of these the Scarlet Cult is the largest and probably the most powerful.  The cults are; The Scarlet Cult, (also known as the Cult of Demons,) The Cult of the Beast, the Cult of Blood (more commonly known as the Cult of Vampires) and the Cult of Ghouls. Only three of the cults are found in any quantity in Khun Dhagra.