Encyclopedia Velitrium Volume I A to C

Volume A to C


Adder, Wood:  Found throughout the Frontier, Ferramentium and Argentus (Though very rare in Gemmatus.)  Found mostly in woods and dense underbrush it is a orange and brown leaf pattern that makes it very hard to see. It is aggressive.  


Ahgali: The most common language of the Desert peoples. A written form of Ahgali does exist.


Ale, Golden:  So called because of its color and the fact that it is made principally in Argentatus (As well as Gemmatus.) Probably the most widely consumed beer or ale.


Allus: May,  Month of Birth or Flowering


Androvar: Undead necromancer who dwells in Khun Dhagra.


Annast Root: This is a native root that was, and is, a primary food source for the Jhensari and Hob-Goblins.  The roots grow quite large, 2� lengths and 6� diameter and a weight of 2 to 5 pounds is common.  It can be baked, mashed or fried like a potato. It is also ground into flour and baked as bread or brewed as beer. It is a very versatil plant and even has medicinal properties.  In its raw state it is used as a laxative. Annast is widely cultivated and can be found in one form or another on every peasants table, at every meal.


Argent Reds:  Dairy and beef cattle are raised throughout Velitrium, though there is a breed of beef cattle in Argentium that is unique to that area, being a cross between domestic cattle and the huge wild bulls.  These animals are generally reddish brown in color with longer than average horns, huskier in build and easily provoked into charging. They are also hardier in extremes of weather, able to survive on minimal fodder and resistent to predation. Though they yield more meat than a common beef cow, their meat tends to be tougher and less flavorfull. Argent Reds, as the breed is known, is also the standard stock for oxen.  


Argentium:  Eastern Duchy, capitol is Velitrium City. Also called �The Royal Duchy� in reference to the fact that control oof it is allocated to the King.


Arrows of the Avengers:  Alchemical magic item. An arrow that explodes into a fireball on impact.  Widely issued to and used by the Avengers, but also found in Royal Army and Ducal combat units.  Difficult to obtain outside of official channels. A one use item.


Ascendus: July, Month the Clan climbed out of the Desert into the Valley


Avengers:  Paramilitary special operations arm of the Crown. Membership by invitation only. Also called, �Order of Urien.�


Bagra:   A plant that grows around certin oasis in the Desert of Nygg. It can be dried and smoked or distilled and laced into wine. It is mildly addictive and provides the user with a blissful and relaxing couple of hours.


Beer, Black:  Made principally by and for the dwarves who savor its strong, bitter taste. Rarely found outside the Duchy of Ferramentum. Sometimes referred to as �Stone Brew


Beer, Brown: The brew most favored by the garrisons on Barren�s Wall and many farmers and soldiers in the Frontier. A heavy, filling beer that is not as bitter as Black Beer.


Beer, White:  Brewed from wheat rather then barley, it is made only in the western counties of  Argentium. Lendale, Auratus and Neuchatal.


Beer, Green:  Brewed from the annast root it is a Jhensari favorite that some Velitar have developed a taste for. It is dark green in color, flat in taste but has a higher alcohol content than most other beers. Also called Annast Beer.


Beer, Nut:  Brewed primarily from acorns, though walnuts and hazelnuts are also used.  Another Jhensari beverage that has gained some popularity.


Bees of Alfan:  Found only in Gemmatus along the edge of the Palood is a species of honey bee that seems to make its home exclusively in the Alfan region.  It is speculated that it gains some essential nutrient found only in the mosses and funguses of that part of the Palood. The size of the typical worker bee is 12� long (About the size of a football.)


Big Tooth: Common name for Golden Lions. Actually a variety of Sabre Tooth Tiger. See �Golden Lion.�


Black Month: July, Month that the Plauge began. Slang reference.


Black Rice: A domesticated long grain wild rice found along the edges of the Palood, it is now widely grown along all the river ares and the southern coast of Lake Adrin.


Black Tower: Rumored stronghold of Androvar.


Blank Shield:  A term used to describe mercenaries who are not permanently in service to one lord. Refers to the lack of insignia on their shields.


Blar: Also know as �The Destroyer�  �The Devourer� �Lord of Darkness� �Demon Lord� and other names. Arch foe of Mitra, seeks to destroy Mitra, enslave mankind and destroy the world.


Blood, Of the:  One who is ‘Of the Blood’ is a True, Lord of the Velitar. A direct lineal descendant of the Ancient Lords of the Velitar.  Since all these bloodlines died out during the Dark Years, there is no one alive today who can claim to be, ‘Of the Blood.’


Booked:  Term referring to a family whose name appears in the White Book. A requirement for Knighthood on the Knights of Velitrium.


Books of Honor:  Books maintained by each of the Katallahn clans to record family honor and lineage.


Calbazar:  Land far to the south across the Desert of Nygg, from which the Velitar fled after their failed attempt to seize the Imperial Throne. There has been no contact with Calbazar since the last battle of the Exodus.


Clans of Calbazar: There are seven clans.  The Velitar: Said to be descended from the priests and the holiest warriors of the ancestors, the Knights of Mitra.
The Savarn: Said to be descended from the wizards that defended paradise.
The Azar: Also said to be descended from the Knights of Mitra.
The Cabaal:  Descended from the warriors who fought beside the knights.
The Katalla: Also descended from the warriors who fought beside the knights.
The Bremdin: Descended from the Faithful. Non-combatant followers of Mitra.
The Garnuchin: Also descended from the Faithful.


Clost Hounds:  The origin of the name has been forgotten, but the dog is widely used.  Generally a pack hound, similar to a fox hound, it is a very good scent tracker. Brown and white or red and white, they have short hair and long legs. Clost hounds also came with the Exodus.


Cobras:  Cobras are found primarily in Gemmatus, it is very rare to see one north of the Lendalfoot River.  There are two varieties, the Great Cobra and the Spitting Cobra.


Coohlari:  A primarily acquatic, though it can come out on land, giant lizard.  Known as �Coohlari� by the Jhensari and called �River Devils� by the Velitar. The Coohlari are a large, crocodile sized, carnivorous, egg laying predator that can be found throughout the Palood, along the eastern half of the Lendalfoot river, the entire length of the Varsol River and along the southern shore of Lake Adrin.
In size they can reach 12� or 15�.  They have a blunter snout than a crocodile and smoother, snake like skin. The leather is highly prized. It attacks from ambush, by biting, pulling its victim underwater and tearing it apart. Fortunately the other rivers appear to be too cold for Coohlari.


City, The:  The Capitol, Velitrium City.


Chedza Chana Cheklar:  The Dwarven name for their city in Velitrium located in the Iron Hills of Ferramentium..  Commonly referred to as �Dwarfdae� by humans.


Cheka Cheklar: Ancient Dwarven city far to the west in the Mondaliath Mountains. The conquest of this city by Goblin hordes is what drove the Dwarven survivors, led by Velbar Stonehammer, to Velitrium.


Chopo Chog: King of the Goblins and Hob-Goblins in Khun Dhagra.


Crayfish: Crayfish are found in most streams, ponds, lakes and rivers in the valley. These are your ordinary prawn rarely bigger than a finger. To make a meal out of these large numbers are needed. In lake Adrin there are vast numbers, both in normal sizes and in heroic sizes.  Crayfish as large as a mans arm are regularly caught, either in nets, by hook & line or in �pots� (like Lobsters.)  The big ones can make a meal in themselves.  Rarely, truly gigantic ones, the size of a rowboat, are brought in.  Fishermen report masses of crayfish so dense that they have been mistaken for the bottom with sounding lines, until the mass suddenly shifts.