Valley of Khun Dhagra

The Valley of Khun Dagra:


  East of the valley of Velitrium, some one hundred and fifty miles into the Monar Mountains is the valley called Khun Dagra. (Also spelled Khun Dhagra). About a quarter of the size of Velitrium it runs east to west and is said to be shaped like a spear point aimed eastward. The valley has been home to tens of thousands of humanoids, mostly Gobllins and Hob-Goblins, for many thousands of years. Legend has it that a great Wizard built his stronghold there millenium ago and he brought the humanoids into the valley as his guards and servants. From the ruins that dot the valley that may well be true.
  Humans came to the valley shortly after the Velitar arrived in their valley. Legend, confirmed by investigation, indicates that these were the survivors of Menachem Kudrun’s failed Revolt during the Exodus. How they found the valley is unclear but they came to terms with the humanoids, moved in and built a city. `Thanos’ is as old as Drunmore, maybe a few years older. It has a population of between twenty five and thirty thousand.
  A second human migration occured after the Rebellion. Duke Mullgrave led his followers to Khun Dagra and there they built a city they called `Haven.’ The population of this stronghold is estimated to be eighteen to twenty thousand. According to popular legend Duke Mulgrave still rules in Haven. He is said to have been untouched by the thirty years that have passed by and is still plotting the conquest of Velitrium.
  Two other powers of note are found in the valley. One is `The Black Tower of Androvar’. This is the stronghold of a former adventurer who was cursed to an eternity as some kind of undead ghoul. Very little is known about him. Even less is known about the mysterious Lord Melagram, who is said to be the real ruler of the valley.
  Khun Dagra is a haven for all the criminals, riff raff and scum of Velitrium. If there is a price on your head then Khun Dagra is the place to go. Even the Royal Army won’t enter the valley.
  In addition to the human population, virtually all of whom are members of the Scarlet Cult, there are between sixty and eighty thousand humanoids living there, Goblins, Hob-Goblins, Orcs and Kobolds. Also a scattering of Giants and Trolls as well as legions of zombies and skeletons manufactured by generations of Cult Priests. Further, the western end of the valley is guarded by the `Gates of Blood.’ Huge walls, at least a hundred and fifty feet high and seventy feet thick, pierced with a set of gargantuan gates of iron that have turned the color of blood. The walls are heavily guarded and entry is carefully monitored. The walls stretch across the entire entrance of the valley and merge with the surrounding cliff walls. The rest of the valley is surrounded by cliffs ranging from three to six hundred feet in height. They are sheer and unclimbable except by magical means. The only entry into Khun Dagra is through the gates, by air, or through one of the thousands of tunnels that honeycomb the valley and mountains. All entrys are guarded and watched.
  To have dealings with Khun Dagra or its inhabitants is illegal, but many still do. Aside from those who are secret supporters of the Cult there are foolish and greedy merchants prepared to run any risk for a profit.
  Khun Dagra is not as fertile as Velitrium so food is scarcer. Food commodities in Khun Dagra sell for three to five times their value in Velitrium. Also luxury goods and other manufactured items are in demand with both the humans and the humanoids. Prices are generally two to four times the Velitrium equivilant. Velitar slaves are also much sought in Khun Dagra and they bring premium prices.
  Though the army guards the direct road to Khun Dagra there are many secret passes and trails known to the smugglers. These generaly end at some secret cave mouth which leads deep under the mountains and through miles of tunnels to surface somewhere in the valley.