Lords of the Velitar

Original Lords of the Velitar from the time of the Exodus and related bloodlines with notes on religious affiliation.
Vathak Wingsten, Primus (First Lord) Fighter, Mitraen
Krevos Calpernius, Priest of Mitra, Bishop
   Addis Baren (Great, great nephew)

Kistotain Tortrix, Arch Mage, Mitraen
Menachum Kudren, Second Lord, Fighter, Dark Lore
Rother Korbric, Fighter/Thief/Assassin, Dark Lore
Tragden Gwalcibar, Priest of Mitra
    Medani Kaluga (Great Grandson)
Kistovet Karovan. Fighter,  Mitraen
Andrid Thestorina, Sorceress, Old Faith (Druidic)
Perigsen Rudigore, Druid/Fighter
Reylun Cobrin, Third Lord, Fighter, Mitraen  *
Degnas Managgon, Fighter/Ranger, Old Faith (Druidic) *
Letticus Accolon, Fighter/Mage, Mitraen   #
Galerus Sudrenus, Fighter, Mitraen #
*  Lost during the Exodus
#  Remained in Calbazar, executed by Imperial Order