Encyclopedia Velitrium Volume III G to I

Volume G to I


Gaia’s Day: Wenesday (Name the Druids give to all of the World as a whole. Day most Druidic Faithful will attend services)


Gates of Nygg: The ramp constructed by the Velitar to facilitate their escape from the desert and the fortress built at the top of the ramp to guard it.


Gemmatus:  Proper name for the southern Duchy. The capitol is Drunmore. Also called Southgate.


Ghanan: The `trade tounge’ of the desert nomads. There are dozens of different cities, kingdoms and strongholds in the desert of Nygg and with them at least a dozen different languages. To facilitate trade Ghanan is used by the caravans as the `lingua franca’ of the desert. It is not a complete language


Ghouls:  This term may refer to either the Undead monsters that feed on flesh, both living and dead. Or to those humans who steal corpses, or parts of corpses, to sell to Necromancers and Alchemists.


Goblin King:  The Goblins are organized into tribes with their own chieftains, rivalry between tribes can be intense and violent. In Khun Dhagra all the tribes recognize and pay tribute to a High King who, for the most part, keeps the peace.


Golden Lions:  A type of sabre tooth tiger at one time common in the Valley but now rare.  Very big, 400lbs to 600lbs is common. Also called Big Tooths.


Grazers:   Grazers are a type of border collie that is popular as a herding animal and general watchdog on most farms.  Generally black and white in color with some golden brown highlights. Grazers came to the Valley with the Velitar.


Great Bear:  This is an enormous variety of Cave Bear. Fully 12′ in height. Generally found in the mountains.


Grimner:  Evil Archmage rumored to reside in the Valley of Khun Dhagra.


Grimmner’s Coins:  Counterfeit gold coins said to have been made by the Archmage and used during the Rebellion to sow confusion and discord in the KIngdom. Said to be cursed. Actively sought out and destroyed by the Crown in the years after the Rebellion, now rare.


Half Penny:  Smallest regularly minted coin.  Made of copper. Can be broken in half or quarters. Value whole = $ .50


Haven:  City in Khun Dhagra, founded by Duke Mulgrave and his followers after their defeat in the Great Rebellion.


Helgat:  December, Month of Darkness. Shortest day


Ignastus: April,  The Month of the Warming


Inquisitors:  Priests of Mitra who have taken the Vow of Law and who act to uphold the law, both Church and Secular.